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Traditional Bladesmith, Cutler and Historical Interpreter

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(Picture: 16th Century Hunting Knife)

Step into the captivating world of  professional cutler and bladesmith, Thomas B Timbrell. With a keen passion for history, Thomas delves into the past to craft functional replicas of historic cutlery with an emphasis on accuracy and  an unwavering commitment to authenticity.

His journey began with completing a history degree at the University of Leicester before following up with a course in blacksmithing and metalworking at Warwickshire College. Initially working as an artist blacksmith, Thomas began to specialise in bladesmithing and knife making, finding enjoyment in making items that can be both functional and beautiful. Over the years, this has expanded to include all forms of cutlery, from swords, daggers and surgical tools, all the way to spoons, forks and other tableware. Today, collectors, historians, and enthusiasts from around the globe seek Thomas' accurate historic replicas, knowing that they are hand crafted and made with integrity. 

Thomas believes that each historic replica he creates is not just a functional tool but also a snapshot into the past. Meticulously researching every era, he strives to imbue his creations with the essence of the original, ensuring that each item tells a compelling story of its own. 

Whether for living history, museums or film work, Thomas combines both modern and traditional techniques in his workshop to create faithful representation of some of history's most remarkable cutlery. 


In a world of mass-produced cutlery, Thomas  stands apart at Heritage Blades, with his passion and craftsmanship and his desire to preserve ancient techniques and designs. 


Cutlery stages.jpg

(Picture: A hand made 16th Century eating knife under construction)


When it comes to historical replicas Thomas passionately believes in accuracy. In his workshop, he painstakingly recreates artifacts from the past, believing every detail holds significance, and that seemingly small deviations can lead to erroneous interpretations of history.

As such, Thomas' devotion to authenticity goes beyond merely replicating shapes and colors; he delves into the historical context, cultural nuances, and techniques of the time period. He researches texts and manuscripts, studies artifacts, and collaborates with historians and archeologists in this ever developing field. 

This commitment to accuracy stems from a belief that historical replicas, when created with accuracy, become windows to the past and can enable researchers, educators, and enthusiasts to experience history as it once was, offering invaluable insights into the material culture but also the social history of societies that came before us.


(Picture: Iron Age Blacksmith, taken by Pat Robinson)


Delivered with energy, passion and humour, Thomas' historic demonstrations are a popular display at many events across the country. With clients such as the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Chalke Valley History Festival , The Scottish Crannog Centre and Salisbury Museum to name a few, Thomas has over 10 years experience providing  entertaining and informative displays to passing visitors, groups of school children and large crowds at festivals. 

Every demonstration is well researched and involves a continuous demonstration along with an engaging and lively commentary and all while using period correct tools and equipment- even the food he eats and the clothes he wears will be correct to the period displayed. No matter whether it is working on the forge as a Iron Age Blacksmith, sharpening blades as a Medieval Cutler, or even taking the guests on a journey to discover the don'ts of a 16th century banquet, Thomas can keep all interested and engaged the entire day!

Thomas' historic demonstrations are highly mobile and can set up in most outdoor and indoor spaces and can be tailored to suit most sites/periods in history, budgets. For a full list of prices and displays, please do get in touch, he'd love to hear from you!


(Picture: Stainless steel Gyuto)


As well as historic cutlery, Thomas produces knives for cooking, camping, crafting and everything in between!  Each knife is forged by Thomas with hammer and anvil as close to its end shape as possible, with the use of power tools kept to a minimum- usually only drilling and polishing the blade. The handle materials are then shaped and fitted by Thomas, again using traditional techniques. 

What is the end result? When you purchase a knife from Thomas, you are buying an item lovingly hand crafted by someone who enjoys what they do and is dedicated to you getting a unique, beautiful and functional blade that is set apart from those available on the High Street.


(Picture: The beginnings of a new knife)


New Course Dates to be announced 2023....

(Picture: Steel Centipede Sculpture)


There is always time for exploring new designs and ideas in the forge. To this end, Tom is open to small scale artistic work in his forge, ranging from a simple bottle opener to a stylish gate for your garden. Get in touch to find out just what is possible!

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