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17th Century "Lovers Cutlery" set

17th Century "Lovers Cutlery" set

Stun your fellow diners with this matched set of 17th century cutlery and leather  travel caddy. 


During the 17th century, with the increase in cheaper methods of production, more households and establishments, such as coach houses and inns, were able to provide cutlery to visiting guests. This led to the decrease in the carrying of full eating sets however, for those of higher status or those who found the hygiene of such establishments suspect, they continued to invest in their own personal cutlery. Not only was this a matter of hygiene, but also a continued tradition of displaying your wealth and status around the dinner board when in the company of others.


The knife and fork are hand forged  and fitted with cast bronze handles. The "Lovers" handles, depicting an embracing couple, have been recreated from an original 17th century pair  and are part of a practice from the 16th and 17th centuries of giving matched sets of cutlery to newly wed couples. 


The set also includes a folding spoon that fits away into the leather caddy behind the knife and fork which are then secured by a leather cord drawsting.


Technical Details


Handles: Cast bronze figurine

Knife: a pattern welded iron and steel blade with a forgewelded carbon steel cutting edge. 

Blade Length: 120mm

Max Blade Width: 20mm

Max Blade Thickness: 2mm

Total Length: 238mm


Fork: An iron bolster with forgewelded carbon steel tines.

Tine  Length: 70mm

Overall Length: 196mm


Spoon: Bronze

Bowl Diameter: 35mm

Total Length (open): 110mm


Leather Caddy Length: 260mm

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