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Belt Knife- Small 13th/14thC

Belt Knife- Small 13th/14thC

A small belt knife with a fullered blade. Lightweight and very sharp, it makes a fantastic personal knife for higher status medieval impressions of the 13th to 14th centuries.

The blade is traditionally forged from a twisted billet of iron and steel, with a carbon steel cutting edge fire welded on. The tang extends fully through the stacked handle made up of German steel spacers, faux ivory and black cow horn, completed with a small brass finial.


The sheath is water moulded and hand stitchedd with incised decorations similar to those found from medieval London and Dordrecht. 


Vital Statistics


Vital Statistics:

Handle: German silver, faux ivory/acryllic substitute, black cow horn, brass finial.

Handle Length: 80mm


Blade: Iron and steel

Blade Thickness: 2mm

Max Blade Width: 19mm

Blade Length: 84mm

Overall Length: 165mm


Weight: 63g

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