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Canteen of Knives- 15th/16thC

Canteen of Knives- 15th/16thC

A canteen/ travel caddy of all metal table knives- a perfect addition to any medieval banquet or can be used as a set of medieval themed steak knives!


Banquet knives are referred to in the inventories of upper elite households and  may have been for the use of individual guests or maybe they were to accompany each of the dishes and be used by guests to serve themselves. In 1560, 36 iron haften knives, at a total price of 276d) were ordered for a banquest at Kew... perhaps one for every dish?


This set contains 5 all steel knives from the 15th/16th centuries, set in a hand stitched and decorated leather case which closes with a draw string. The handles are horn blackened to help prevent rust.   The knives are replicated from a German original. Knives were often imported into London and Sheffield with some of the better quality knives coming from Cologne. 


Vital Statistics:


Knife: Carbon steel

Canteen: Hand stitched and decorated veg tan leather, undyed


Total length (Knife): 195mm

Blade length: 100mm


Total length (Canteen): 270mm

Diameter: 80mm


Weight: 410g



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