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Early Medieval Belt Knife

Early Medieval Belt Knife

A recreation of a typical belt knife from the 11th-13th centuries with similar blade and handle styles found from London, Perth and across the Netherlands and France.

With a strong spine on the blade and a hard wearing handle made with field maple, this belt knife is a great addition to the kit of any reenactor looking for something functional as well as historically accurate. It also works well as a unique knife for those interested in bushcraft, hunting and camping but wishing for something made in a more traditional style.

Supplied with a hand stitched and decorated leather "wing" sheath.

Vital Statistics:

Blade: Carbon Steel

Handle: field maple with a cow horn bolster and birch bark and nickel silver spacers and end cap.

Blade Length: 95mm

Max Blade Width: 20mm

Max Blade Thickness: 3.5mm

Total Length: 187mm

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