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Gladiator Folding Knife- Secutor

Gladiator Folding Knife- Secutor

This recreation is based on an original from Piddington Roman Villa and will become one in a line of gladiator folding knives we aim to recreate. The handle is cast in bronze and is fitted with a carbon steel blade featuring brass wire inlay.

There have been many figurine folding knives found from across the Roman Empire with gladiators being a common representation. Made from bronze, ivory, wood and bone, they vary in style and quality and some even include the name of the gladiator they represent!

Own your own piece of Roman sports memorabilia today 😉

Included in this set is a bronze secutor gladiator folding knife, a black presentation tin and a specially produced collectors card.

Vital Statistics;

Blade Length: 43mm

Handle Length: 70mm

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