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Hunting Knife - 16th/17thC

Hunting Knife - 16th/17thC


A replica of a hunting knife on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, dated 1550-1600s. 


The blade is traditionally hand forged with a pattern welded damascus core, wrought iron spine and high carbon steel edge. The handle is african leadwood, fixed with steel rivets with bronze applique decoration. This particular example has a ring nagel, a small hand guard and a decorated blade catcher. 


Althought the original is not found with a sheath, I have made one to fit the knife based on extant finds from other hunting sets. The sheath has a decorated, handstitched leather core with German silver fittings all around, hand engraved with desings typically found from other hunting knife sheaths.


Vital Statistics


Blade: damasucs steel core, wrought iron spine, carbon steel edge

Handle: afican leadwood scales, steel rivets decorated with bronze applique

Sheath: hand stitched leather core with German silve fittings



Overall length: 290mm

Blade Length: 190mm

Max Blade Width: 28mm



Overall: 380g

Knife: 227g


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