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Kitchen Utility Knife - "Little Blue"

Kitchen Utility Knife - "Little Blue"

A versatile knife, ideal for a wide range of kitchen prep work. The sleek and sharp blade makes cutting meat and veg a breeze while the balanced and comfortable handle gives the user great control and prevents hand fatigue!

The fully hardened stainless steel blade has been carefully shaped and ground to keep it lightweight, agile and easy to use. To complement this, it has been fitted with scales made from blue lacework set against a white linen backing and then cast in clear acrylic resin.

All these elements, once combined, create a culinary knife which stands apart from others, is a joy to use and is easy to maintain.

Vital Statistics;

Blade: Stainless Steel

Handle: Blue Lace on White Linen set in Clear Acrylic fitted with brass pins

Blade Length: 115mm

Max Blade Width: 30mm

Blade Thickness: 3mm

Handle Length: 115mm

Total Length: 230mm

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