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Large Medieval Knife- 11th-15thC

Large Medieval Knife- 11th-15thC

Recreated from an original find, discovered by Mudlarkers on the banks of the river Thames and now in the possession of the Worshipful Company of Cutlers.

Examples of this style of knife can be found throughout the 11th to 14th centuries. What they may have been used for is up for debate however, they are most commonly depicted in manuscripts and illuminations being used for food preparation or animal butchery. Their large blades and dropped tips certainly make them useful for such tasks!

Supplied with a hand stitched and decorated leather sheath.

Vital Statistics:

Blade: Carbon Steel

Handle Material: Bog Oak (5200 years old, Cambridgeshire Fens)

Blade Length: 155mm

Max Blade Width: 38mm

Total Length: 260mm

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