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Medieval Cooking Knife

Medieval Cooking Knife

A large bladed medieval knife in a leather sheath with a pocket for a sharpening stone (stone included). The blade is a replica of an original from the 14thC however similar knife blades are found from the 12thC through to the early 17thC. It was likely used as a cooking knife however it could also have been a field knife or part of a hunting trousse. 

The leather sheath is hand stitched and decorated with a hawk in the same style as a 14thC sheath from Dordrecht, Netherlands. It also has an incorperated pocket for carrying a sharpening stone as per other extant examples. 


Technical Details


Blade: Laminated iron with carbon steel (1080) cutting edge

Tang: Through tang

Handle: Yew wood handle with blonde cows horn bolster and end cap with brass finial. 


Blade Length: 171mm

Max Blade Width: 44mm

Max Blade Thickness: 3mm

Total Lenght: 275mm



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