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Medieval Knife- Noblewoman, 14th/15thc

Medieval Knife- Noblewoman, 14th/15thc

A recreation of a bone handled knife and sheath found during the excavations of Much Park Street, Coventry


Most likely an eating knife, there are over 30 bone figurine handles found in Northern Europe, ranging from the finely carved to the fairly crude. This particular handle depicts a noble woman, similar to other examples, although they are often found holding musical instruments or birds of prey.

One detail that makes this find extra special is that it was also found with a decorated sheath. The style of sheath, along with its blade shape and handle construction makes a construction date of the 1400s very likely.


The blade is traditionally hand forged from laminated iron with a steel cuting edge firewelded to it. It is fitted, with a through tang, to a carved bone figurine handle and topped with a small brass washer finial.


The sheath is hand stitched and replicated closely on the original. It consists of two layers; a inner sheath fit closely around the blade and handle and a decorated outer sheath, dyed a deep blood red colour.


The original is on display at the Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry


Vital Statistics:

Handle: cow bone

Handle Length: 80mm

Blade: Iron and steel

Blade Length: 94mm

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