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Whittling knife & Case

Whittling knife & Case

Inspired by 17th century travelling cutlery sets, we present to you this fantastic knife and case set.

The water moulded leather case has been made completely by hand and formed to hold its contents safely inside, giving them a discreet profile and protecting them from the elements.

Upon opening the case, you will discover fitted in their own pockets, first; a hand forged whittling knife l with a smooth and warm olive wood handle, with an orange micarta bolster and accented by a nickel silver spacer and brass end cap. Its small blade is sharp and keen, the handle has been shaped for comfort and control and with a full through tang construction, it is a knife to last. Secondly, you will find a slender whetstone included within the set. Made of Italy quartz, this fine grained stone works well, both wet and dry, and has been specially selected to complement the sharpening of this knife.

When stored within the sheath, the knife and stone can be secured with the leather drawstring. The case can then be easily carried on a bag, large pockets or even hung from its drawstring as a suspension loop with no fear of the knife falling out.

Vital Statistics


Blade Length: 45mm

Max Blade Width: 15mm

Max Blade Thickness: 3mm

Total Length: 125mm

Box Sheath

Dimensions (Closed): (l)140mm x (t)30mm (w)x 35mm

Whetstone: Italian Quartz

Dimensions: (l)100mm x (t)5mm x (t)22mm

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